The Mind Body Business Show

Brian Kelly Interviews Special Guest Expert Pamela Gregory

April 18, 2019

Emotional Fitness Specialist, Pamela Gregory, began her career in the health and wellness industry over 30 years ago where she worked as a fitness trainer and nutritional consultant. In 2003, her focus shifted to emotional fitness and the healing impact forgiveness has on one's health. By blending the science of psychoneuroimmunology, (the study of how the mind and emotions affect the immune system), and the spiritual practice of forgiveness, she developed a unique, proprietary protocol called the Forgiveness Healing Process™. Her intensive work with cancer patients at Utopia Wellness in Tampa, FL helped Pamela fine-tune her protocol to quickly ascertain the unique ROOT CAUSE of each patient's unhealed trauma, allowing them to achieve results where other methods have failed. What Pamela has found is, close to 100% of all illness, regardless of what it is called, is a SYMPTOM of an underlying, unresolved emotional condition.

Pamela's latest online course "K.O. Stress" addresses how to resolve stress, not just manage it. This $1 trillion industry is responsible for up to 90% of all doctor visits, 5 out of 6 leading causes of death, and has flown so far under the radar it's off the radar. Pamela thought it about time to shine some light onto what stress really is, share the path to resolve it, and bring it into mainstream conversation.

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