The Mind Body Business Show

Brian Kelly Interviews Business Strategist Expert Ronita Godsi

June 20, 2019

Ronita is an expert at Branding, Web Development, Sales Funnels & Marketing, and is the Business Development Director of iDezzine, a company that helps businesses from creating your unique brand messages to designing meaningful experiences for your audience that grows your online business.

Ronita is fully dedicated to helping entrepreneurs across the globe to realize their potential and to achieve success. She has helped hundreds of coaches, speakers, authors and mentors build step-by-step, direction-driven strategies so that they reach more clients and make more money.

As a business strategist and consultant, she helps coaches, speakers, authors and mentors who are ready to take their consulting, coaching, and speaking business to the next level, and do so in a way that is aligned with their strengths, core values and lifestyle.